Client Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights

You have the right to receive services in an atmosphere of respect, dignity and privacy. We are here to serve you and others with behavioral health needs. You manage your right to privacy and your treatment choices. We will not disclose that you are receiving care, or the nature of that care, to anyone unless you give us written authorization to do so. You have the right to choose from whom, where, and what services you receive. We are honored that you have chosen Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health and we strive to meet your needs in a satisfactory manner. If we fail to do so, please give us the opportunity to receive your feedback.

Your Responsibilities

You are urged to keep all appointments and to notify us as soon as possible when you must cancel. Your active involvement in your recovery requires openness to change and honesty with yourself and your clinician. You determine who is informed of, or involved in, your treatment process by signing authorizations as dictated by State and Federal regulations.

Privacy Practices

  Download a copy of our Privacy Practices