Our Services

We help individuals and families achieve recovery and quality of life.


Individual, family, and group counseling for all age groups - children, teens, adults, and elderly, is available at our locations, for any mental health, problem gambling, or substance use disorder.

Psychiatric Evaluations

Our psychiatric practitioners provide evaluations to determine a diagnosis and appropriate treatment, and offer medication management - the oversight and monitoring of prescribed medications.

Need Help At Home?

Distance Treatment
Allows people the opportunity to participate in behavioral health treatment services from home. 

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Additional Services

  • Community Continuing Education and Training
    NEIBH staff members offer community consultation services and are also available to provide community education for a variety of mental health and substance abuse topics.
  • OWI Evaluation and Education
    NEIBH offers the mandated 12-hour Prime for Life program.
  • Integrated Health Home
    NEIBH will help integrate your medical and behavioral health care, intending to improve your health through better coordination and communication.